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The main types of vegetables that need to be dried are carrots, edible fungi, cabbage, cabbage and ginger, etc.

There are two kinds of dehydration drying methods: natural drying and artificial dehydration, our best commercial vegetable drying machine is one kind of artificial dehydration.

At present, hot air dehydration and freezing vacuum dehydration are widely used in vegetable dehydration and drying. Best commercial vegetable drying machine is use hot air dehydrate and drying which is an advanced vegetable dehydration and drying method, which can not only retain the original color, aroma, taste and shape of fresh vegetables, but also have ideal rapid water recovery. The process flow and method of hot air drying, and dewatering vegetable processing are introduced as follows.

Vegetable drying

Best commercial vegetable drying machines drying example:

The technological process and method of hot air drying and dewatering vegetable processing with best commercial vegetable drying machine:


1.raw materials selection

Choose the variety of vegetables with rich meat quality. Before dehydration, the excellent and the bad should be carefully selected, and the diseases, insects, rot and dry parts should be eliminated. The fruit should be 80% ripe, and those that are over ripe or underripe should also be picked out. Except melons with seeds removed, other types of vegetables can be rinsed with water and then dried in a cool place, but should not be exposed to the sun.



2.Cutting, hot bleaching

Cut clean raw materials into slices, silk, strips and other shapes according to product requirements. Precooked, due to different raw materials, easy to be cooked in boiling water blanching, not easy to be cooked in boiling water slightly boiled for a moment, general blanching time is 2-4 minutes. Leafy vegetables are best not scalding treatment.


3. Cooling and draining

After the pre-cooked vegetables should be immediately cooled (generally using cold water rinsing), so that it quickly reduced to room temperature. After cooling, in order to shorten the drying time, the centrifuge can be used to swing water, or the simple manual method can be used to press and drain. After the water is drained, it can be spread out and cooled slightly in the sun to prepare for plate baking.


4. Drying requirements

The temperature, time, color and moisture content of drying should be determined according to different varieties. Drying is generally carried out in the drying room, and the drying temperature range is 65-- 85. It is dried at different temperatures and gradually cooled down. Put the vegetables evenly on the plate, and then put them on the pre-set baking rack, keep the room temperature at about 50, and keep turning it to speed up the drying, generally when drying.It lasts about 5 hours.


5. Inspection and packaging

Dehydrated vegetables can be separated into plastic bags, sealed and packed after testing to meet the requirements of the Food Hygienic Law, and then marketed.


Advantages of Best Commercial Vegetable Drying Machine

1. Stability and quality

Heat pump dryer is the first requirement of reliable quality, stable operation, continuous production in order to meet user requirements, the compressor exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature, overload, overheating, overload control and protection of the important parameters, such as, for accurate design and strict control of high temperature heat pump dryers, under the condition of ensure the safety of the heat pump system in a stable and reliable running;


2.high efficiency and low cost

The air energy heat pump dryer can automatically adjust the drying time, and use the waste heat discharged in the drying process for circulating heating, effectively improve the drying efficiency and save energy; The operation cost is only 30% of the electric heating dryer, 40% of the oil drying machine, 60% of the coal burning dryer, and the heat pump dryer does not need to consume any material.


3.green environmental protection

The equipment of green environmental protection, do not use fuel, in the operation does not produce waste water, waste gas, waste residue, polluting the environment, green environmental protection, improve the quality of atmospheric environment, make full use of renewable resources, save energy of conventional high quality energy, more conducive to the sustainable development of the society, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits, also conforms to the current National Day can satisfy the need of environmental protection policy;


4. Good drying quality

Air energy heat pump dryer is a mild drying method, close to natural drying, surface moisture evaporation speed close to the internal moisture to the surface migration speed, so that the dry product quality is good, good color and color, high grade products.


5. Widely used

Air energy heat pump dryer is widely used in all walks of life, such as food drying, wood drying, Chinese herbal medicine drying, tobacco drying, paper products drying, meat products drying, fruit and vegetable drying, camellia tea drying, seed drying, mushroom drying, agricultural and sideline products drying.


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