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Causes And Objectives Of Sea Cucumber Drying

Due to the strict living environment of sea cucumbers, there are also very clear requirements for the temperature of sea cucumbers fishing. Sea cucumbers are only fished twice a year, in April to May and October to November respectively. Because the fishing time is very concentrated, each sea cucumber season, the sea cucumbers are caught in a concentration of land, but live sea cucumbers cannot save it, the reason is due to a magical property of sea cucumbers: self-melting. There is a kind of autolytic enzyme in the body wall of sea cucumber. After leaving the water, the live sea cucumber will melt into water in a short time and disappear without a trace. The purpose of sea cucumber drying is to remove water or solvents in sea cucumber for long-term storage, packaging, transportation, processing and use.


Introduction To Sea Cucumber Drying

Sea cucumber drying refers to the process of evaporation of water in the sea cucumber under natural or artificial control conditions. Drying includes natural drying and artificial drying two kinds. The natural drying method is mainly day drying and air drying. There are many methods of artificial drying, the best method is heat pump low temperature cold air dehumidification drying.


Brief Introduction Of Drying Process For Sea Cucumber Dried By Seafood Drying Equipment

Drying time: 3----7 days

The first stage: 15-18 , the second stage: 18 to 23 , the third stage: 23-28 , the fourth stage: 28-33 , the fifth stage: 33-40 , 6 stages: 40-45

Drying principle: Low temperature cold air drying. When the moisture content is large in the early stage, use 15----25for low temperature cold drying. When the moisture content reaches 40%, the temperature can be slowly heated to 28 degrees. The general principle is to try to use low temperature cold dry, is conducive to maintaining quality.

Sea cucumber drying     Seafood drying

Seafood drying equipment drying introduction

Heat pump low temperature cold air dehumidifier can work according to the user set temperature for constant temperature, and then on this basis for closed-loop condensation dehumidification, so that the drying room formed a constant temperature and low humidity state, so that the material moisture evaporated, so as to achieve the purpose of drying. For example, if the temperature is set at 20 ° C and 30% is set appropriately, the temperature in the drying room will be automatically maintained at about 20 °C. Then the dehumidification evaporator of the unit will conduct condensation and dehumidification in the drying room to reduce the humidity in the drying room until it drops to 30%, thus forming a low temperature and low humidity drying environment, so that sea cucumber can get better drying quality.

working principle

The development history and present situation of seafood drying equipment

Heat pump drying technology was patented in the United States in 1950, and then obtained rapid application in the industrial field with its obvious energy saving advantages. For example, in Japan in the 1990s, more than 10% of the drying devices have adopted heat pump drying technology. The materials processed by the heat pump drying device are also extended from the early wood drying to food processing, tea drying, vegetable dehydration, fish drying, ceramic baking, sterilization and drying of medicine and biological products, sludge treatment, chemical raw materials and fertilizer drying and many other fields.

In addition to the obvious advantages of energy saving, heat pump drying technology also has the advantages of environmental protection and health, stable operation, high safety performance, simple maintenance and long service life, so it has been widely used in many drying fields.


Introduction to core components

1. increase thickening sheet metal: conventional use of high-temperature paint sheet metal, in addition to 201, 304 sheet metals, the use of high thickness material production, the weight of the whole machine is far more than the weight of the peer, a penny for goods, stand the comparison, stand the test.


2.Compressor: the most famous brand Emerson valley wheel compressor, dryer special series, more heat supply, better quality and more stable.


3. Heat exchanger: the heat exchanger is the core component that most affects the drying effect, and it is also the core place where the manufacturers try their best to cut corners. YiKe production dryer, all the use of Φ9.52mm thickened copper pipe + hydrophile aluminum foil production, the same copper pipe length, copper pipe heat exchange area is 1.36 times of the 7.0mm copper pipe, is N 8.0mm copper pipe heat exchange area 1.19 times, not to mention our copper pipe length is 3 times of the heat pump standard, is 1.5 times of the drying industry, In summary, it is more than 1.6 times of the use of Φ7.0mm copper pipe, which is one of the reasons why our unit heating effect is far more than the peer. Suggest the seller to have a good accounting of the heat exchange area. The heat exchanger is the core part of the machine to achieve heat supply. It is more important than the compressor, and the cost is several times that of the compressor.


4. Electrical accessories: the famous brand Schneider electrical accessories, large AC contactor, thermal overload protector, the price is 2 to 3 times of the electrical accessories used by other manufacturers, quality replacement is more stable.


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