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YKP pineapple heat pump dryer is the use of inverse Carnot principle, input a small amount of electric energy to absorb the heat in the air and convert it to the drying warehouse, to achieve the temperature of the dryer, with the corresponding dehumidification and dehumidification equipment to achieve the drying of materials. High efficiency pineapple heat pump dryer, we produce seafood, investment operation cost is low, wide scope of application, pineapple heat pump dryer without someone unattended, full automatic control, Safe operation, cost saving, real high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent!

Drying purpose

Pineapple is also known as pineapple, pineapple taste sweet and sour delicious, fresh juicy flesh, rich nutrition is a very popular fruit in spring, many people will like to eat pineapple.

Like mango and banana, pineapples are sensitive to temperature and are peak fruits without breathing. If you want its fresh-keeping performance is better, you must master the maturity of the situation, the higher the maturity, the less storage time of pineapple, no mature and lack of fruit flavor, so we need to choose seven or eight mature suitable for long-term storage and transportation. The minimum temperature of pineapple must be above seven degrees, otherwise it will harm the low temperature commonly known as pineapple jelly, so that the fruit discoloration, pineapple deteriorates. The best temperature is about 10 degrees, so it can be stored for about three or four weeks, or up to a week at room temperature.



Pineapple heat pump dryer design

We use 100mm polyurethane, which has excellent heat preservation effect and can be suitable for drying various materials. It is made of colored steel and stainless steel and can be customized.


Our Pineapple heat pump dryer advantage:

Mango drying equipment efficient energy saving and environmental protection, drying uniform drying effect is good, there are professional cooperation institutions and r & D engineering team and after-sales team, high-quality raw material suppliers and electrical accessories, the cost of core components is relatively high, heat transfer and humidity is more stable, error is reduced.


Process of making dried pineapple

Process of making dried pineapple


1. Raw material treatment: Take eight mature pineapples, remove rotten fruit, diseased fruit and insect fruit, remove the skin, remove the heart and remove the fruit eye, select the pulp has turned yellow, with pineapple fragrance, slice, size of each piece thickness of 3-4 mm, fan shaped.


2, hardening, color protection measures: pineapple flesh is a juicy berry type, the purpose of ash is to make the pectin substance and calcium combined into insoluble calcium pectin salt, so that the loose and easy to cook the flesh into a little hard to cook, and at the same time to neutralize the acid contained in the flesh. The lime dipping method is to soak pineapple slices in the supernatant of 3% lime water after stirring and precipitation for 8 hours, then rinse them with water and let them drain water.


3. Concentrated sugar solution treatment: 60% sucrose solution is prepared, that is, 60 kg sugar and 40 kg water are composed of 100 kg sugar solution.

Soak pineapple slices in 60% sugar for 24 hours as soon as the sugar has soaked the ingredients.


4, drying: remove pineapple slices from the sugar, drain the water, dry at 65for 18-20 hours, so that the water content reaches 16% is the standard.


5, packaging: dried pineapple slices or pineapple slices directly contact with the air will damp, so it needs to be sealed packaging, if conditions can be vacuum packaging, so as to maximize the preservation of the color and flavor of pineapple slices or pineapple slices.


Pineapple heat pump dryer drying reference process:


The drying process of pineapple can be divided into four stages:


The first stage: the baking temperature is set at 55, the continuous heating mode, and the circulating fan continues to work for 2 hours;


The second stage: temperature 60, humidity set 35%, mode choose drying + dehumidification, time 8 hours;


The third stage: the temperature is raised to 65, the humidity is set at 20%, the mode is drying + dehumidification, the baking duration is 8 hours, the whole process is dry and wet bulb sensor signal control humidity, temperature probe sensor signal control temperature;


The fourth stage: the temperature is set at 50, the humidity is set at 18%, the continuous dehumidification mode is baked for about 1.5 hours, and the drying is completed.


After the sales:

One year warranty, within one year after purchase, if there is any problem with the fruit dryer machine, the engineer can repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts for free, and the buyer will pay the freight. After the warranty period, if there is a failure of the machine, the engineer can still repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts at the factory price, and the buyer will pay the freight. In short, is one year warranty, lifetime maintenance, customers at any time there is any problem can directly contact the engineer to solve the problem.


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