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YKP Peking Duck dryer machine operates according to a basic reverse Carnot cycle. The working fluid (refrigerant) at low pressure is vaporized in the evaporator by heat drawn from the dryer exhaust air. Our dryer is the use of Emerson valley wheel compressor, increase the area of the heat exchanger, the quality of the peer is more stable, better drying effect

Drying Peking Duck Dryer machine purpose:

Air-drying the duck is an important procedure for cooking and roasting the duck. Before roasting the duck, part of the skin of the duck is air-dried at low temperature, so that the roast duck will be tender and crispy. Ducks without air drying have tender outer skin, which exposes the meat when roasted. After air drying, the skin of ducks is thicker and tighter. When roasted, the skin is more complete, tight and shiny, and the color is even.

The advantage of our Peking Duck dryer machine:

Our factory has been in the field of drying for 15 years. Our quality is better than the peers. Our core components are cooperated with high quality suppliers. The drying and heating are more stable and have longer service life, so our cost is higher

 Peking Duck drying machine processing:

Peking Duck drying

(1) Ducks only choose


Salted duck manufacturing is the selection of fat after the hemp duck processing and become, its meat tender plump, excellent quality. Therefore, the duck for the processing of salted duck is chosen to be healthy and abundant, because the fat is full of animals, the fat is distributed in the muscle fiber, and the phoenix taste is good. The finished products are smooth in appearance, and the meat is fine and delicious.


(2) Slaughter and treatment


Ducks should be starved for 12- 24 hours and given sufficient water to rest peacefully before slaughter. This allows for good slaughter bloodletting and reduces the chance of contaminating the carcass with incomplete digested feed. After slaughter, the exteriors of the carcass should be washed to remove the residual hair and be cooled immediately. The carcasses of ducks without fractures and blood stasis spots were selected, and two wings and two feet were removed from the elbow joint and the lower end of the hock joint respectively. Grab the lower frontal bone of the duck with the left hand and cut off the lower frontal part with the tongue with the right hand with a knife from the mouth. This treatment is commonly known as cutting the outer five pieces.


(3) Integer type


The carcass was cut into the chest along the middle abdominal line from the left side of the sternum to remove the viscera. After washing, the joints of the limbs were dislocated, the bone disc was flattened, and the ribs on both sides were cut off along the vertebrae into a figure eight shape, commonly known as arm eight shape. But cannot hurt the flesh layer, avoid cutting the skin, and cut off about 1/3 of the anus, dressed into an oval ready to pickle.


(4) pickling


Salt 3.6%, sugar 1.8%, sodium nitrite 0.01%, white pepper 0.05%, Chinese prickly ash 0.1% can be used for reference. When using, fry peppercorns with a little salt before cooling. Salting will be above

Mix the ingredients well and rub the ingredients evenly on the inside and outside of the duck with dry salt method, especially on the legs, chest and neck, and marinate in 5C for 4-5 days.


(5) Water stains


After the duck, wash it once with warm water of about 40to remove the residual salt on the surface, and then wash it 2-3 times with cold water of 15to 20to remove the residual viscera and dirt, then take it out and drip dry.


Peking Duck dryer machine drying process of salted duck

Shape the dried duck body and hang it on a bamboo pole into the drying room. First 45-50hot air drying about 6 hours, moved to about 15cold air cooling 5~8 hours, make the duck body finalize the design, and can make the skin milky white, such as - drying, the skin is easy to dark brown, poor appearance. After cooling, the ducks were dried by hot air at 45- -50.

Peking Duck dryer machine

After the sales:

One year warranty, within one year after purchase, if there is any problem with the Peking Duck dryer machine, the engineer can repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts for free, and the buyer will pay the freight. After the warranty period, if there is a failure of the machine, the engineer can still repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts at the factory price, and the buyer will pay the freight. In short, is one year warranty, lifetime maintenance, customers at any time there is any problem can directly contact the engineer to solve the problem.


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