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Pig skin contains a lot of nutrients such as gelatin and cystine. After being puffed, the volume is increased several times compared with the original, which improves the original taste and appearance characteristics. The color is milky white or creamy yellow, the aroma is attractive, the taste is crisp, braised, stir-fried, and cold dressing are all very delicious, but it must be softened before cooking (softening only needs to be soaked in warm water for 2 to 3 minutes to make it absorb a lot of water. Honeycomb shape is sufficient).

Pig skin drying

Traditional pig skin drying it takes four to five days to dry in the sun and requires workers to supervise it on site, but it's not immune to insect and ant dust. If meet overcast rainy day, pig skin is dried not in time may go stale, bring a lot of trouble to pig skin dry.

Later someone use the earth such as coal, wood and heat pipes to drying pig skin, although time is shorter than the sun, but often lack of human experience, temperature humidity control does not reach the designated position, burning situation, lead to bad appearance, taste is not stable, and coal burning firewood to bring some unnecessary pollution and hidden trouble, also has brought the pig skin dry waste and loss.

Material selection and treatment of pig skin in the early stage: pig skin without disease and scar can be selected after the end of the year. First put off of pig skin in soak in warm water for 30 minutes, and then use bamboo brush or plastic brush wash, shave with a knife the dirt from the skin, clean dirt, go to net a jealous and take root, the method of notch convenient method of shaving, as far as possible need not avoid hair roots remain in the skin and affect the product quality, the fat on the surface of the residue of the skin repair and clean with a knife, Requirements may not remain a little fat, lest affect oil until the extent of the flood, then wash clean, pig skin for cutting and shaping the fat has been removed (in some areas of traditional process after cooking in cutting), cutting and fast shape size between 5-10 cm square, shall not exceed 10 square centimeters, or oil flood after packing is difficult, Less than 5 cm square natural skin can also processing, no need to cut into small pieces and plastic, otherwise after packaging, transport, sales link easily cause debris, according to the market demand can also be shred pig skin, dicing, such as shape, in order to meet the different needs of customers, will cut nice leather pieces into the grid plate material, insert material grid plate like drawer material car, Push the material truck into the meat drying equipments drying room, close the closed door, drying can begin.

heat pump meat drying equipment

Drying process of pig skin: according to 6p heat pump meat drying equipment, configuration is 5.0 meters long 3 meters wide and 2.4 meters high, 10 cm heat preservation chamber, a material cart can be loaded into 8, each car is put into a cooked pig 100kgs, a total of 800kgs, 45 ~ 60 temperature setting, drying process is divided into three parts to complete, the first stage temperature 45 degrees, 5 hours, Continuous dehumidification, the second section of temperature 55 degrees, time 5 hours, continuous dehumidification, the third section of temperature 60 degrees, time set for 8 hours, continuous dehumidification, drying can be completed, the color of dried pig skin is brownish yellow or brown roll bright block, until the finger can not press the imprint.

heat pump meat drying

Pig skin post-processing: after drying the pig skin will overflow many greases, so need to remove grease, in the later processing for oil flood, if not attached to the pig skin clear oil, has no legal system to make skin belly, removing method for will pig skin soak in warm caustic, brush with wool clean oil, and then rinse clean with warm water and drain water.

heat pump meat dryer

Artificial puffing of pig skin: In front of the hair oil to skyrocket, pig skin need soft in the temperature of oil, which is the key point of flood, the oil temperature should master in 40-50 degrees or so, the high temperature will affect the degree of flood, whether soft standards, depending on the skin, soft degree determine collapse, the operating standards on the text cannot be accurately expressed clearly, only in the process of machining practice makes perfect, finally is the main production and processing experience. Stay after the soft oil until the skin should be soft state can't back to hard, the CPC after the temperature rise to 80 degrees, the pan can be the skin into the pan, flip while heating, the oil temperature reaches 120 degrees pig skin can flood, the flood when the oil temperature should grasp well, not too high, the key is to keep focus from yellow degree of sensory and completely flood open standards, After the skin belly is completely swollen, it should be removed from the hot oil and cooled to room temperature before packaging. Packaging shall not be carried out without grease control and temperature reduction, otherwise it will affect both packaging and product quality.

pig skin drying equipment


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