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Blueberry English name: Blueberry, meaning Blueberry, is a family of azaleas, Blueberry plants. North American perennial shrub small berry fruit tree. Because the fruit is blue, it is called blueberry. Blueberry fruits are rich in nutrients, which can prevent brain aging, protect eyesight, strengthen the heart, fight cancer, soften blood vessels, enhance human immunity and other functions.


Blueberries have been noted for their high levels of anthocyanins, which activate the retina and enhance vision and prevent eyestrain. It is also one of the five healthy fruits recommended by the World Food and Agriculture Organization. Medical clinical reports also show that the anthocyanin in blueberries can promote the regeneration of rhodopsin in retinal cells, prevent myopia, improve vision.


Blueberries vary in size and color from species to species. Most varieties are dark blue or violet when ripe, such as rabbit-eye, highbush and lowbush blueberries, while a few are red. The fruits are spherical, oval, oblate or pear-shaped. The average fruit weight is 0.5 ~ 2.5 g, and the diameter is 0.8 ~ 1.5 cm. The maximum single fruit weight of rabbit eye blueberry can reach 25 g. Blueberry fruits generally mature 70 to 90 days after flowering. The flesh is soft and juicy. The seeds are small and can be eaten with fruit and meat without affecting the taste.

Blueberr drying

Blueberry drying process by Fruit dryer Equipment manufacturer’s dryer

Blueberry drying process need for up to 20 hours, skin to be processed, unfavorable or intermediate water evaporation, high sugar content and easy to lock in moisture, blueberries drying process needs to be done by 3 ~ 4 section of the program, the stagnation of middle process need to adopt the way of standby, without having to remove drying room, but no longer heating drying system, just let the wind road cycle, Let blueberry moisture soak in the drying room. YKP Fruit dryer Equipment manufacturer’s dryer can make the drying process perfect.




The following uses a Fruit dryer Equipment manufacturer’s dryer to dry 500kg of fresh blueberries as an example to analyze the energy consumption and drying cost of blueberry drying. The best fruit dryer equipment’s drying process: The first step is to put the picked fresh blueberries into a tray and put them into the material truck. The second step is to push the loaded blueberry material truck into the drying room for drying. Step 3: Blueberry drying is divided into three stages


Step 1: drying temperature is set at 45, relative humidity is 12%, drying + strong dehumidification mode, drying for 8 hours.


Step 2: The drying temperature will be set to 55, the relative humidity is 12%, drying + dehumidification mode, drying for 6 hours.


Step 3: the drying temperature will be set to 65, the relative humidity is 12%, drying + dehumidification mode, drying for 4 hours.


Step 4: Drying a batch of blueberries takes about 18 to 20 hours. After drying, check the quality of dry products and sort and pack them


Note: blueberries have a high-water content. The first stage can be extended for 1 to 2 hours according to actual conditions. The drying time of 500kg blueberries is calculated according to 20 hours. The drying equipment of Fruit dryer Equipment manufacturer’s dryer "YKP" consumes 4 degrees per hour of electricity, and the total electricity consumption of 500kg blueberries is about 80 degrees per batch. The specific electricity price is based on the local area. This case analysis electricity price is calculated according to 1 yuan/degree, the cost of drying 0.5kg of blueberry is about 15 cents.



The drying equipment of Fruit dryer Equipment manufacturer’s dryer high temperature heat pump drying units, mainly finned evaporator (machine), compressor, fin condenser (machine) and expansion valve of four parts, by letting air continuously complete evaporation (absorb heat from the outdoor environment) to compression, condensation (gives off heat drying room) indoors to throttle, and thermodynamic cycle process of evaporation, Thus the heat in the external low temperature environment is transferred to the drying room, and the refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. It completes the pressure boost heating process of gaseous phase in the compressor (the temperature is as high as 100), it enters the inner machine to release high temperature heat to heat and dry the air in the room, and it is cooled and converted into liquid. When it runs to the outer machine, the liquid phase rapidly evaporates and transforms into gaseous phase again, and the temperature can drop to -20~-30. The air around the heat sink will transfer a steady stream of heat to the refrigerant. High temperature heat pump drying unit at work, like ordinary air conditioning and heat pump unit, in the evaporator to absorb the energy in the medium of low temperature environment QA: it itself consumes part of the energy, that is, the compressor power consumption QB: through the working medium circulation system in the condenser heat release QC, QC=QA+QB, So the efficiency of the high temperature heat pump drying units for (QB + QC)/QB, and other heating equipment heating efficiency is less than 1, so the high temperature heat pump drying units heat efficiency than other heating equipment efficiency, it can be seen that using high temperature heat pump drying units as drying device can save energy, but also reduce the emissions of CO2 and other pollutants, Achieve the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction.


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