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YKP food dryer machine YKP Air Energy Heat Pump Dryer uses the reverse Carnot principle to absorb the free heat from the air and transfer it to the drying room (input of 1 degrees of electric energy can produce 4 degrees of electric energy). The temperature of the drying room is increase, and the corresponding dehumidification and moisture removal equipment is used to achieve drying of the material. In the dryer system, hot and dry air at the exit of condenser is allowed to pass through the drying chamber where it gains latent heat from the material. The humid air at dryer exit then passes through the evaporator where condensation of moisture occurs as the air goes below dew point temperature. Then drain the condenser water.

Drying Food Purpose:

Kelp is rich in algal gum and iodine, which can be eaten and extracted from industrial raw materials such as iodine, algal gum and mannitol. Its leaf shape can be used as medicine. In addition, kelp also contains 3 to 10% iodine and other minerals. Kelp is low in calories, high in protein and rich in minerals. There are crude fiber, inorganic salt, carotene, calcium, iron, and other vitamins. Kelp also has a variety of biological functions such as lowering blood lipid, lowering blood sugar, regulating immunity, anti-tumor and anti-oxidation.



Our Food Dryer Machine Advantage:

Our food dryer machine is the use of Emerson valley wheel compressor, increase the area of the heat exchanger, the quality of the peer is more stable, better drying effect. Our factory has been in the field of drying for 15 years. And our technical team provides lifetime after-sales service for the machines. In addition, we provide factory test report of food dryer machine, comprehensive test of food dryer machine, every component will be tested

Food Dryer Machine Processing Case:

Food Dryer Machine

Food kelp dryer

Food kelp dryer machine Steps:

(1) : Warehousing of fresh materials

Raw materials are from their own kelp breeding base, we should pay attention to the salvage, try to avoid the salvage of debris, avoid the follow-up process of large amount.


(2) Hot boiling, sterilization

The salvaged kelp is boiled on the assembly line. The boiling temperature should be controlled at 90~99℃.


(3) salting

Scalding, sterilization and cooling, after cooling, the amount of plate salt added is 40% kelp


(4) Warehousing

Storage temperature requirements are 0~-18℃


(5) Cut off

The raw materials are taken from the cold storage and cut off manually by removing the salt from the surface.


(6) Cleaning and desalting

Clean the pretreated kelp 3 times or so, to ensure that there is no foreign body, salt control early less than 0.2%.


(7) Plate

Put the washed kelp into the net dish for baking.


Process requirements: kelp drying is divided into three stages.


The first stage is: heating stage

Place the packed kelp in a flat drying room, without overlapping, to avoid unnecessary air leakage when placing the tray. The temperature in the box is heated to 50℃, the heating time is generally 1.5~3 hours, if there is moisture in the box, it should be drained through the row, and if the temperature drops after the drainage, it should continue to heat.


The second stage: constant speed drying and drainage stage

This stage should be divided into high humidity low temperature, middle humidity and middle temperature two stages.

In the stage of high humidity and low temperature, the temperature should be less than 60℃ and the range is 55~60℃. It is necessary to avoid the change of material color caused by high temperature and high humidity, observe the change of water vapor on the surface of the material, and drain tide at any time. The time in this stage is 3~3.5 hours.

Medium humidity and medium temperature, the temperature is less than 60℃, the range should be between 50 ℃ and 60℃, this section of tidal discharge can be properly opened air inlet valve, also should be properly closed air return valve, specific to the local temperature and humidity for appropriate adjustment.


The third stage: deceleration finalize the design stage

This is also known as low humidity high temperature stage, the temperature of this stage in 70~80℃, the early had better not exceed 70℃, the late had better not exceed 80℃.


After the sales:

One year warranty, within one year after purchase, if there is any problem with the food dryer machine, the engineer can repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts for free, and the buyer will pay the freight. After the warranty period, if there is a failure of the machine, the engineer can still repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts at the factory price, and the buyer will pay the freight. In short, is one year warranty, lifetime maintenance, customers at any time there is any problem can directly contact the engineer to solve the problem.


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