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The rapid rise of the heat pump drying industry is the inevitable development trend after the heat pump technology is gradually mature, and it is another concrete embodiment of the era of trans-boundary application of air energy products. Driven by the maturity of heat pump technology, the application of Commercial Meat dryer manufacturer’s products, including heat pump drying, will be more and more extensive. The future drying industry in China has a very broad prospect.

Drying process of Commercial Meat dryer manufacturer's dryer :

1. Heating stage: put the loaded material tray into the box flat and cannot be overlapped to avoid unnecessary air leakage caused by the poor placement of the tray. Close the door of the box, start the power switch, and start to send hot air to the box. The food dryer adopts the PLC intelligent touch screen automatic control system, which can automatically heat in stages, the fan and the heating interlock function, the over-temperature automatic power off function, the phased operation memory function, and the automatic moisture discharge.


2.Constant speed drying stage: should be divided into high humidity and low temperature, medium humidity and medium temperature two stages. In the section of high humidity and low temperature, the temperature is less than 50 degrees, and the range is 35 degrees ~50 degrees. Avoid the change of material color caused by high temperature and high humidity, observe the change of water vapor on the material surface, and discharge the moisture at any time. This period should be 3~4 hours. In the middle humid and medium temperature section, the temperature is less than 60 degrees, and the range is 45~60 degrees. In this section, the inlet air valve can be properly opened, and the return air valve can be properly closed for moisture discharge, and reasonable adjustment can be made according to the amount of moisture.


3. Decrease speed setting stage: the temperature at this stage is 60 degrees to 70 degrees, the early stage should not exceed 60 degrees, the late stage should not exceed 80 degrees. Specific drying process we have special technical staff to guide.


Goose drying process by YKP Commercial Meat dryer manufacturer's dryer

Process guiding principles: good food materials, made of dried goose is fragrant, to use the ecological free-range board goose; Do not put preservatives, the dry degree of dried meat drying machine to appropriate, too dry affect the taste! The application of goose meat dryer in goose meat products drying. Meat products of high temperature resistant ability is stronger, needs the temperature can be directly up to 60 degrees, the temperature rise to 60 degrees need to consolidate a period of time, and then began to dehumidification, continuous, different areas, the temperature of the meat which need to be also different, so the humidity to grasp the need to combine product characteristics and experience, so that the dry degree of the product is can control in a need within the scope of the, Adjust the parameters of the intelligent temperature and humidity control system properly with the goose dryer, it can be used to dry chicken, duck, beef, sausage, bacon, dried fish and other meat products. The diagram below:

Goose drying process by YKP Commercial Meat dryer manufacturer's dryer

Suitable for drying different meat foods

To transform ReBengShi meat chamber, need to pay attention to the original material used in the drying room and heat preservation, heat pump drying heat preservation requirements for drying room is much better than the traditional method, the drying room USES mostly overall polyurethane foam board as insulation, internal and external skin colored steel, stainless steel or galvanized sheet, installation is simple, for lock type assembled at the scene. The concrete steps of the transformation and construction of the drying room are as follows: installation of the bottom plate → installation of the vertical plate → installation of the roof → installation of the bottom plate strengthening plate (convenient for workers to use the cart and clean the drying room) → installation of the main engine → installation of the circulating fan → installation of the air duct plate or the uniform air plate → connection of the power line and the drainage pipe.


Commercial Meat dryer manufacturer’s heat pump is essentially a kind of heat lifting device [working principle] : heat pump from the surrounding environment to absorb heat, heat cycle called air energy, absorb air heat compression heating to the drying room to achieve drying. No odor, no combustion, environmental protection, 1 kWh of electricity when 4 kWh of electricity. In line with the national environmental protection requirements, the national gravity comprehensive advocate of coal to electric drying equipment.


Attention of using Commercial Meat dryer manufacturer's heat pump dryer

1. Pay attention to the temperature setting can not be too high, dehumidification needs to be well controlled if the humidity is too high will affect the quality


2. Humidity should be condensed and discharged in time. Excessive humidity will stuffy the material.


3. Air can dryer in addition to the production of meat products, but also can be used for drying agricultural products, medicinal materials, wood, food, grain, tea, Buddha incense, seafood, handicrafts, meat products, industrial sludge and so on, all the materials that need to be dried.


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