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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Best Commercial Vegetable Drying Machine


The principle of best commercial vegetable drying machine is not complex, but it has unique advantages. Compared with the traditional drying or drying by the sun, best commercial vegetable drying machine has the advantages of drying operation day and night operation, with PLC intelligent temperature control system without human supervision, a batch drying of several tons of materials, low power consumption. Compared with the vacuum freeze drying with higher technology, the heat pump dryer is cheaper, and the technology is more mature. If it is not for special goods such as blood or biological specimens, there is no need to buy expensive vacuum freeze drying equipment.

Chili drying

Pepper drying process by Best commercial vegetable drying machine


Stacking thickness

The pile up thickness of pepper does one's best consistent, general 20~30 cm is appropriate, pile up too thin, air permeability is good, wind resistance is small, although be helpful for heat exchange, but the contact time of hot air and pepper is relative shorten, heat utilization rate is low, if pile up too thick, the resistance increases too, hot air cannot penetrate material layer, drying effect is poorer.


Temperature selection

The hot air temperature of pepper drying is related to the quality and drying efficiency of pepper. Among them, some ingredients are easy to be lost and destroyed at high temperature, in order not to reduce the nutritional components, it is not suitable to choose a higher hot air temperature.


Hot pepper raw material moisture content is very high, generally 75% ~ 85%. Set the temperature of the pepper dryer to 40-- 60for hot air drying. At first, the relative air temperature is less than 70%, and after 5 hours, the relative air humidity drops to less than 52%. After 12 hours, the relative air humidity is all less than 40%. Therefore, the productivity of pepper drying operation is mainly determined by the temperature of the pepper itself, rather than the ability of hot air to carry and remove moisture. In order to ensure that the nutritional composition of the pepper after drying is not affected and improve productivity, it is appropriate to take 60to 70for hot air temperature of the pepper.


Segmented dry

Subsection drying is the current pepper drying method is superior, that is, the moisture content of 75% to 85% of the pepper, the first time the pepper to the moisture content of 50%, and then the second drying.


Sweating by stepping on piles is a very important step in the drying process of pepper. Whether to adopt this step has a great influence on the quality, drying time and drying quantity of pepper. The pepper in the drying process has obvious softening and expansion phenomenon. The main function of stepping on the pile sweat is to regulate the quality, so that the pepper oil to the surface penetration, drying pepper color consistent, ruddy and smooth, and make the pepper moisture content tends to balance. If there is no trampling heap sweat, drying 1000 kg pepper, hot air temperature 40-- 60, it takes 63 hours, trampling heap sweat can be shortened to about 40 hours, and the yellow shell is significantly reduced. After the second drying, you can get super high quality dried chilies.

Mushroom drying

Mushroom drying process by Best commercial vegetable drying machine


Mushrooms must be roasted within six hours of harvest and can be stored longer if refrigeration is available.


1. Drying temperature control. When the temperature in the drying chamber rises to 35 degrees, mushrooms can be dried indoors. Two wet and dry bulb thermometers should be hung near the window. Drying must be low and then gradually warmer. Usually, 1 hour temperature rise 1~3 degrees, the highest temperature should be controlled in 70~75 degrees. Generally, bake for 6 hours at 35~40 degrees, 8~10 hours at 40~60 degrees, and 2 hours at 60 degrees.


2. Dryness and humidity control. When the temperature of drying chamber is 35~40 degrees in the early baking stage, the outlet holes or exhaust fans should be opened completely. When the temperature rises to 40~60 degrees, the water discharged is 3h~4h. The water hole in the rear row of 60 degrees can be completely closed without draining moisture.


3. Baking quality monitoring. When baking to 16h~18h, the door of drying room can be opened to check whether the dried mushrooms are qualified. Qualified dry product characteristics: mushroom unique fragrance; The mushroom is yellow fungus fold shape, upright, complete, not inverted; The water content of mushroom body should not exceed 13%; The mushroom should keep its original shape, the cap should be round and flat, and keep its natural color.




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