Why buy a commercial dryer at YKP?

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Who are we?

We are a hardwood dryer machine suppliers, located in HuaDu District, Guangzhou, China. The transportation is well developed. The company integrates R&D, innovation, production and sales, and has the right to export independently. We have partner in the United States, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa and other countries.


What is the wood heat pump dryer?


The "YKP" hardwood dryer machine supplier’s dryer uses the reverse Carnot principle to absorb the free heat in the air by inputting a small amount of electrical energy and transfer it to the drying warehouse (input 1 kWh of electrical energy can produce 4 kWh of electrical heating energy), The temperature of the drying room can be increased, and the corresponding dehumidification and dehumidification equipment can be used to achieve the drying of materials.


"YKP" hardwood dryer machine supplier’s dryer is composed of compressor, condenser (heater), throttling device (electronic expansion valve), evaporator (heat absorber), compressor and other devices to form a refrigerant cycle system. The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. It completes the gaseous pressure increase and temperature rise process in the compressor (the temperature is as high as 120℃). After entering the condenser, it releases high temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room. It is cooled and transformed into a liquid state. When it runs to the evaporator, the liquid quickly evaporates and absorbs heat and then transforms into a gaseous state. At the same time, the temperature drops to -20~-30℃, and the air around the evaporator will continue to flow Transfer heat to the refrigerant. Refrigerant circulates continuously to realize the purpose of transporting the heat in the air to the drying room to heat the air in the room to dry the wood.


The wood heat pump dryer can realize low-temperature air closed circulation drying, and the material drying quality is good. By controlling the working conditions of the device, the temperature of the hot dry air in the drying chamber is between 18 and 75 ℃, which can meet the high-quality drying requirements of most heat-sensitive materials; the closed circulation of the drying medium can avoid the exchange with the outside air. Possibly contaminated materials by impurities, which is especially important for food, medicine or biological products. In addition, when the material is sensitive to oxygen in the air, an inert medium can be used instead of air as the drying medium to achieve oxygen-free drying.


Energy efficient

The heat of the heated air in the heat pump dryer mainly comes from the sensible heat and latent heat contained in the warm and humid air discharged from the recovery drying room. The energy that needs to be input is only the power consumption of the heat pump compressor, and the heat pump consumes a small amount of power to produce The advantage of taking a lot of heat, so the SMER of the heat pump drying device is usually 1.0~4.0kg/kWh, while the SMER value of the traditional convection dryer is about 0.2~0.6kg/kWh.


Dehumidification and drying

Convenient control of temperature and humidity: When the material has high requirements for the temperature and humidity of the air entering the drying room, the evaporator and condenser can be adjusted to meet the texture and appearance of the material by adjusting the evaporation temperature and condensation temperature of the working fluid in the condenser Requirements.


Useful volatile components in recyclable materials: Some materials contain volatile components. When using a heat pump to dry, the volatile components and moisture vaporize into the air together in the drying room, and the air containing volatile components evaporates When the device is cooled, the volatile components are also liquefied and discharged together with the condensed water. Collect the condensed water containing the volatile components, and separate the useful and volatile components by an appropriate method.


What is hardwood dryer machine supplier's dryer can dry?

Hardwood dryer machine supplier’s dryer can dry oak wood、ash wood、beech wood、fir wood、pine wood、jarrah wood、red wood、walnut wood,etc. The drying effect is good, the drying is even, and the wood is not easy to crack during the drying process.


Hardwood dryer machine supplier's dryer drying case



Hardwood dryer machine supplier’s dryer set the drying processing as eight steps.First step with 40℃ and 6 hours.Second step with 50℃ and 6 hours.Third step with 60℃ and 6 hours.Fourth step with 65℃ and 6 hours. From fifth step to eighth step are all with 65℃ and 12 hours.

From first step to fourth step are all dry with drying model which is order to raise temperature of the wood,the humidity setting of the drying room are all 65%.

From fifth step to eighth step are all dry with dry+Moisture model which is order to keep the moisture away from the wood,the humidity setting of the drying room are all 65%.


Hardwood dryer machine supplier's dryer drying process. 

1. Formulating the wood drying process means to determine according to the company's specific conditions, equipment type, tree species to be dried, wood stacking method, spacing between bars, specifications, board usage and drying quality requirements.


2. For common tree species with air-dry density of 0.3g/cm³-0.85g/cm³, the temperature rise range is 18℃-75℃. For tree species that are prone to cracking, collapse, and difficult to dry, appropriately lower the temperature.


3. The indoor temperature and humidity should be adjusted according to the moisture content, temperature, air humidity and main technical parameters and wind speed of the drying room at the time, combined with the performance of the layered moisture content of the plate to prevent the formation of drying defects.


4. For new tree species that have not been dried, a relatively similar tree species drying process can be used for drying according to the properties of the tree species. During the drying process, improvements can be made according to the actual situation, or a softer drying process can be set. Drying to ensure the quality of drying. 6. The operator must truly record the real-time indoor dry and wet bulb temperature and moisture content data to provide a true and reliable basis for the adjustment of the drying process.


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