What is the YKP fruit dryer machine

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  YKP fruit dryer machine operates according to a basic reverse Carnot cycle. The working fluid (refrigerant) at low pressure is vaporized in the evaporator by heat drawn from the dryer exhaust air. Our dryer is the use of Emerson valley wheel compressor, increase the area of the heat exchanger, the quality of the peer is more stable, better drying effect

Drying fruit purpose:

   Very good solution to the fresh fruit is not easy to store the problem, so that everyone can taste the dried fruit with nutrition. The dried fruit retains the original taste of fresh fruit. Fruit dryer machine is one of the indispensable equipment for dried fruit manufacturers.

The advantage of our fruit drying machine:

Our factory has been in the field of drying for 15 years. Our quality is better than the peers. Our core components are cooperated with high quality suppliers. The drying and heating are more stable and have longer service life, so our cost is higher

Fruit drying machine drying process

Apricot drying process

Apricot drying process

Selection and treatment of raw materials: to determine the appropriate harvest maturity is the key to the storage of apricots, which can be determined by the number of days of fruit development, the change of fruit color, the texture of the peel and flesh, the aroma and flavor of the fruit, the firmness of the fruit bearing and other factors.

The apricots used for storage should be harvested when the fruit reaches the inherent size of the variety, the fruit surface changes from green to yellow, and presents the inherent color of the variety to the sunny side. The flesh is still hard, the nutrients have been fully accumulated, and the flavor of the variety is slightly. About 80% of the apricots are harvested when ripe.

The exported fruit is harvested at this time, allowing enough time for packaging and transportation. Choose thick meat, from the core, sweet taste, less fiber, aroma, orange flesh varieties, fully mature but not ripe fruit as raw materials. Remove the broken and maturity is not suitable for the fruit, according to the size of classification, wash, cut into two halves along the fruit suture line with a sharp knife, the section should be smooth and neat, remove the kernel (also some do not cut to the kernel, for the whole fruit with dried apricot).After cutting (for half the fruit to remove the dried apricot), the cut surface of the fruit slices is arranged upward on the sieve plate, and cannot be overlapped.


Sulfur fumigation: send the sieve tray containing apricot slices to the sulfur fumigation chamber for 3 ~ 4h. The amount of sulfur used is about 0.4% of the weight of the fresh fruit.

Before fumigating sulfur, spray fruit surface with 3% brine, which can prevent discoloration and save sulfur. Fumigate the apricot fruit piece with good sulfur, its nuclear depression should be full of meter liquid, the finished product after dry system can maintain bright-colored golden yellow or orange red.


Process: apricot loading capacity of 7 ~ 9kg / ;

The initial temperature is 50 ~ 55and the final temperature is 70 ~ 75.

According to the calculation of 6P drying and dehumidifying machine equipped with a fruit dryer machine room 5.8 meters long and 3 meters wide and 2.2 meters high, 8 material vehicles are put into the fruit dryer machine. Each material vehicle has 12 layers and each layer is 1.2 square meters. 2000 kilograms of fresh apricot slices can be put into the machine at a time, and the drying time is 18 ~ 20 hours. It takes about 70 hours for fresh apricots to dry the whole thing.


Packing: the suitable water quantity of dried apricot is 16% ~ 18%, and the drying rate is 5:1. After drying, the finished product is put in wooden box to be soft for 3 ~ 4d, and the poor color, insufficient drying and broken products are sorted out (for reprocessing or additional grading), then the packaging can be done.

After the sales:

One year warranty, within one year after purchase, if there is any problem with the fruit dryer machine, the engineer can repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts for free, and the buyer will pay the freight. After the warranty period, if there is a failure of the machine, the engineer can still repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts at the factory price, and the buyer will pay the freight. In short, is one year warranty, lifetime maintenance, customers at any time there is any problem can directly contact the engineer to solve the problem.


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