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Sludge dryer

Why us?

Guangzhou Yike Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd with more than ten years of experience in the heat pump drying industry. We are the professional commercial fruit,vegetable, wood, seafood dryer supplier.  Professional R&D team developed and produced the high-temperature heat pump dryer d powerful: drying, enclosed dehumidification, four-effect heat recovery and dehumidification, cold drying, and separation Time period programming. 

Product Classification Description

Sludge drying is an essential process that involves transforming sludge into useful products, eco-friendly fuel, etc. Removing moisture from the sludge reduces its weight to a considerable extent. Additionally, techniques such as thermal drying reduce transport and disposal costs as well. If you want to buy the best-quality sludge dryer for your application, you have YKP Dryer, the leading sludge dryer equipment manufacturer in China.

At YKP, we deliver value to our clients from various sectors through two products,

- Energy Saving Heat Pump Sludge Dryer - YK2400RD

- YKP - Energy Saving Heat Pump Sludge Dryer Sludge Dehydrator Belt Sludge Low-temperature Dryer - Silvery - 2050*1550*2250mm - YK - 960RDB

These products are a result of extensive research from our research team. On the other hand, our product designers craft them to meet the needs of applications involved and meet our clients’ purpose of investing in them. Furthermore, our high-tech manufacturing infrastructure and production facility transform designs into reality. For product-specific information, please click on the above links.

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Our Sludge Dryer Product Features

Our sludge dryer products integrate the latest technological capabilities and multiple features that simplify sludge drying, but at the same time, retain their commercial value to help our clients use them for the required applications. Here are some of the features of the sludge dryer machine.

- Strong and durable stainless steel body, throughout

- Multiple heating and cooling levels for better sludge drying

- Ease of use, operations, and maintenance

- Energy-efficient functioning to help companies save money in the long run

Our Sludge Dryer Applications

Our sludge dryers serve companies across a range of business domains. Our ever-expanding client base within and beyond China comprises enterprises from the below sectors.

- Construction industry

- Municipal sludge units

- Sewage treatment plants

- Companies from environmental protection engineering

Let us Interact!

Excess sludge proves beneficial in various ways. However, to optimize them, you need the best sludge drying machines. At YKP, we provide the best sludge drying equipment to meet the diverse needs of our clients. If you want to buy a sludge dryer machine, you need the best. So, connect with YKP at 86-180 2234 9870, or write an email to us at We will be delighted to serve you and deliver value to you.

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