Seafood drying machine

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China's waters, including oceans, rivers and lakes, are extremely broad, rich in Marine shrimp and freshwater shrimp. The species of sea shrimp are rich and diverse, such as prawns, seabirds, pipa shrimp, lobster, etc. Fresh water shrimp such as green shrimp, river shrimp, grass shrimp, crayfish and so on; There are brackish shrimp such as white shrimp and other varieties. Shrimp taste delicious, rich nutrition, high protein content, edible part of protein accounted for 16 ~ 20%, but also rich in minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.) and iodine, is very beneficial to human health. According to scientific analysis, the muscle fiber of shrimp is relatively fine, its meat is tender and soft, easy to digest, and it is an excellent food for the weak and those who need recuperation after illness. As a real nutritional food, dried shrimp taste delicious and durable, loved by the majority of consumers. The arrival of the new era, the use of shrimp intelligent dryer instead of the traditional sun, put an end to the sun by mosquito pollution, no longer affected by bad weather, while reducing manpower and material resources, improve the quality of dried shrimp appearance at the same time, reduce the cost, let some seafood processing plants taste the sweet. Today briefly introduces the core steps of drying delicious, dried shrimp by Seafood drying equipment.

Seafood drying equipment

Methods/steps of drying shrimp by Seafood drying equipment.

Step 1: shrimp selection

Making dried shrimps is not complicated, but to make high-quality dried shrimps, the first thing is to choose fresh and vigorous sea shrimps, so as to ensure the color of dried shrimps is natural light and shiny, the meat is delicious, and the smell is delicious.

Seafood drying

Step 2: Boil

After removing sediment impurities, the prepared sea shrimp is boiled or steamed in time, with salt accounting for 6 ~ 8% of the weight of sea shrimp, steaming time to shrimp color from blue to red, then the sea shrimp is easier to shell.

Dry with Seafood drying equipment

Step 3: Dry with Seafood drying equipment

1.After cooking, the shrimp can be dried with the shell, or the shrimp can be peeled and dried. Drain the boiled shrimp, evenly spread on the baking tray, loaded into the material truck, and then sent to the shrimp drying room.


2.According to different varieties of sea shrimp and shrimp, the temperature of the intelligent control system of the dryer is set at 50~ 70, the time is about 4 hours, and the water is 18%. In the drying process, it is generally required to have a slightly larger circulating air volume and a relatively high wind speed to avoid water vapor staying on the dried surface of shrimps. The control points are to inhibit bacterial growth and maintain the color and luster of shrimps and shrimps after drying.


3. According to the above drying steps, dried shrimps baked by sea shrimps dryer are complete in shape, clean in appearance, natural in color, light yellow and red and shiny, plump in flesh, curved in body, with unique natural fragrance.

Seafood drying machine

Seafood drying process

How to eat dried shrimp: you can cook and eat, doused in cooking oil, add a little soy sauce as a snack immediately, original, delicious.


2.fried: can be fried, according to the taste of chili or seasoning fried food. The aroma is more intense.


3.boil soup: Chinese boil soup or Western boil soup.


4.porridge: put proper amount of dried shrimp into rice porridge, taste fresh and sweet, rich in nutrition.


5.can also be used for some dishes ornament, not only rich dishes, fresh flavor, richer in nutrition.


Matters needing attention about Seafood drying equipment

Before entering the drying room, evenly spread the boiled shrimp on the material tray to facilitate the uniform drainage of moisture in the drying process, and cannot be spread in dense, so as not to affect the drying effect


The optimal effect of minimum energy and maximum productivity can be achieved by selecting suitable drying room to match the capacity of dried shrimp. Generally speaking, 5P dryer is suitable for about 15 cubic meters of drying room, 8P dryer is suitable for about 25 cubic meters of drying room, 12P dryer is suitable for about 40 cubic meters of drying room.


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