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Seafood dryer

Why us?

Guangzhou Yike Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd with more than ten years of experience in the heat pump drying industry. We are the professional commercial fruit,vegetable, wood, seafood dryer supplier.  Professional R&D team developed and produced the high-temperature heat pump dryer d powerful: drying, enclosed dehumidification, four-effect heat recovery and dehumidification, cold drying, and separation Time period programming. 

Product Classification Description

Seafood constitutes an integral part of our diet. We can’t imagine our life without the sumptuous seafood delicacies that we’ve been enjoying for years! But while considering taste as a significant factor, we cannot ignore, overlook, or deny the importance of hygiene and nutrition of the seafood we eat. Seafood requires freezing through appropriate equipment and at the right temperature to retain its nutritional value and ensure it is fit for consumption.

At YKP Dryer, we are one of the manufacturers of premium quality seafood drying machines. The fish drying machine we manufacture integrates exceptional seafood drying and freezing capabilities to help retain its nutritional value and ensure it is fit to consume. Our YKP - Fish Industrial Freeze Machine - Gray - 2100*1580*1588mm - YK-240RD is an exceptional product and a result of extensive research across the freezing and drying space. It is appropriately designed to meet the seafood drying needs of our clients across the restaurant, food, and beverage industry.

Fish Industrial Freeze Machine - Gray - 2100*1580*1588mm - YK-240RD Product Specifications

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What makes our Fish Industrial Freeze Machine - Gray - 2100*1580*1588mm - YK-240RD the Best Seafood Drying Equipment?

The answer is its features! As mentioned earlier, the machine incorporates a range of modern features that have stemmed from extensive research and a result of our approach that involves ensuring continuous improvement. Please look at some of the factors that differentiate our fish drying machine from others in the market.

- Durable and strong stainless steel body

- Polyurethane insulation board drying room

- Efficient operations

- Ease of use and maintenance

- Energy-efficient operations

- Multiple heating and cooling levels

- Durable and premium internal parts and components

- Appropriate moisture level to retain the nutritional value of the seafood

How to Use Fish Industrial Freeze Machine - Gray - 2100*1580*1588mm - YK-240RD?

Fish Industrial Freeze Machine - Gray - 2100*1580*1588mm - YK-240RD is an easy-to-use and efficient product that simplifies routine operations. Here’s how to use our seafood drying machine.

- Switch on the power button

- Start the period

- Now, set the freezing time, temperature, and humidity for every period

- Stabilize the freezing operation

Where all is our Fish Industrial Freeze Machine - Gray - 2100*1580*1588mm - YK-240RD used?

Our fish drying machine is an incredibly efficient and productive product that has multiple applications. It is used by several clients from various industries that include,

- Restaurants/ hotels/ resorts

- Retail sector such as malls/ shopping complexes, etc.

- Food processing applications

- Food and beverage industry companies

- Domestic use and others.

Why is YKP Dryer the Best Manufacturer of Seafood Drying Machine?

Delivering value and continuing to innovate at all times and across every product we manufacture is our aim. These factors make us a unique fish drying machine manufacturer. However, here are 12 reasons that add to our credibility and reputation in the market as the leading supplier of the best fish drying machines.

1. Efficient product designs, resulting from extensive market research

2. State-of-the-art heat pump drying manufacturing technology

3. Unmatched product quality that undergoes continuous upgrades

4. Professional, disciplined, and focused drying solutions suitable for multiple applications

5. High-tech national-level simulated enthalpy difference laboratory

6. Prompt order processing and shipping

7. Nationwide distributor and consumer network

8. Eco-friendly drying solutions to promote sustainability

9. A dedicated quality check team and advanced quality assurance processes

10. Professional designing, manufacturing, and distribution ethics

11. Team of qualified researchers, designers, and manufacturing professionals

12. Prompt technical support and accurate solutions to ensure customer satisfaction

Partner with Us!

Retaining the nutritional content of seafood and keeping it fresh is critical from the viewpoint of maintaining its commercial and consumption value. If you are a retail business owner, a restaurateur, a hotelier, or work in the food and beverage sector, looking out for the best seafood drying machine, connect with us at 86-180 2234 9870, or write an email to us at

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