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About the origin of pasta, someone say that it originated in ancient Rome, others say that Marco Polo from China via Sicily to the whole of Europe. As the legal raw material of pasta, Duran wheat is the hardest variety of wheat, with high density, high protein, high gluten and other characteristics, the pasta made of it is yellow, resistant to cooking, good taste.


According to the type of pasta shapes are also different, in addition to the ordinary straight powder there are screw type, curved tube type, butterfly type, hollow type, shell type in total thousands of kinds.


When food dough first appeared, it was made by pressing dough into a thin paper shape, covering food, and cooking in an oven. Later, people thought of long, thin noodles cut into small pieces or sticks, while the Arabs preferred the idea of drying and storing the noodles. By the way, the viscosity and hardness of the dried pasta have been removed, so it is recommended that you use it up as soon as possible after opening. To save dry pasta, try to avoid places with heavy humidity such as under the sink or above the external window or where the sun can be directly exposed.



Commercial pasta dehydrator supplier

We are fully experienced in commercial pasta dehydrator manufacturing.


Commercial pasta dehydrator suppliers dryer equipment Features:

1. Low energy consumption, integrated drying, dehumidification and heat recovery.


2. Touch screen control, automatic control of the temperature in the drying room, can set a number of times to use different temperatures for drying materials, can store a number of materials drying process parameters; Save labor cost, no full-time staff care.


3. The air distribution of the equipment is uniform. There is no need to replace the cart in the drying process, and the drying can be completed at one time.


4. Adopt relatively low temperature drying, the finished products after drying have high quality, no rupture, no collapse, good color and luster, and good nutritional elements.


Commercial pasta dehydrator suppliers dryer drying process requirements:

Most dried pasta needs to retain its natural color and beautiful appearance. The drying process needs to be carried out at different stages, different times and different temperatures. In the process of drying, the humidity in the drying room needs to be controlled well, so as to produce high-quality dry products.


Technical parameters of commercial pasta dehydrator suppliers dryer:

1. The outer dimension of the drying room (length × width × height): 4000×2400×2400mm.


2. The drying room is made of polyurethane insulation board with a density of 40 kilograms


3. Compressor power of heating main engine: 3P (Emerson Copeland Compressor), electric auxiliary heating power: 6KW (for rapid temperature rise in low-temperature areas), circulating fan power: 2KW (high-temperature and high-humidity fan), average power consumption: 6.8 kw/h


4. Temperature control of commercial pasta dehydrator suppliers (refrigeration/heating): 18-75℃ adjustable.

Drying Equipment Case Study


Cold air shaping: usually adopt the method of not heating but strengthening air flow and use a lot of dry air to promote the dehumidification of the noodles, so that the shape of the noodles is initially fixed, and the surface moisture is removed. The drying conditions is approximately controlled at 20-26°C and the air humidity is 55-65% RH.


Keep moisture out of water: This step focuses on the internal diffusion of moisture, strengthens ventilation, and makes air circulation unimpeded. At this time, the temperature rises across regions, and the temperature must form a "gradient" to maintain a certain humidity. The drying time is about 30-40 minutes, the drying temperature is 30-35℃, and the air humidity is 75-85%RH.

Warming up and dehumidifying: The noodles that have passed the stage of "preserving moisture and escaping water" must be heated up in one step, and the relative humidity should be appropriately lowered, so that the noodles moisture can be fully and timely evaporated in the high temperature and low humidity state. The drying time is about 90 minutes, the drying temperature is 35-45°C, and the air humidity is 65-75% RH.

Cooling and heat dissipation: After the main drying stage, most of the water in the noodles has been removed, and the structure of the noodles has been basically fixed. At this time, only the flow of air is required to slowly reduce the temperature of the noodles and continue to remove a small part of the water. Meet the moisture content requirements of the product quality standard, the drying time is about 90 minutes, the drying temperature is 26-28℃, and the air humidity is 50-60%RH. 



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