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Meat dryer

Why us?

Guangzhou Yike Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd with more than ten years of experience in the heat pump drying industry. We are the professional commercial fruit,vegetable, wood, seafood dryer supplier.  Professional R&D team developed and produced the high-temperature heat pump dryer d powerful: drying, enclosed dehumidification, four-effect heat recovery and dehumidification, cold drying, and separation Time period programming. 

Product Classification Description

Meat constitutes a significant part of almost everyone’s diet. The delicious, juicy, and tender meat we enjoy pampers our taste buds like no other delicacy! So, if meat is crucial to our routine diet, we need to consume meat that’s dry, fresh, and nutrition-rich. Wet meat tends to be unfit for consumption. It cannot be stored for long, and it loses its nutritional value in a relatively quick manner. As a result, we need efficient meat drying equipment that helps keep meat fresh, maintain its nutritional value, and retains the overall quality.

At YKP Dryer, we are one of the leading chicken dryer suppliers and commercial meat dryer manufacturers in China. We manufacture efficient drying equipment that helps dry various types of meat, including chicken, mutton, ham, etc. Our drying machines incorporate the latest dehydration technology that helps dry meat to the correct extent and in the most appropriate manner. Additionally, our meat drying equipment is energy-efficient, easy to use, and easy to maintain. So, if you are looking out for the best quality chicken drying machine in China, you’ve got us.

Our product YKP - Automatic Ham Dehydrator Meat Dehydration Machine by Factory Directly Sales - Gray - 1700*1280*1288mm - YK - 200RD is excellent meat drying equipment. It integrates the best quality meat drying technology, mechanism, and excellent parts and components that ensure efficiency, coupled with sustainability. Please look at our product details, including its specifications and features, for more insights to make an informed and productive decision for your meat drying application.

YKP - Automatic Ham Dehydrator Meat Dehydration Machine by Factory Directly Sales - Gray - 1700*1280*1288mm - YK - 200RD Product Specifications

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YKP - Automatic Ham Dehydrator Meat Dehydration Machine by Factory Directly Sales - Gray - 1700*1280*1288mm - YK - 200RD Product Features

At YKP, we focus on delivering features that focus on making a difference to the meat drying application. As the top commercial meat dryer manufacturer in China, we provide the following features in our meat drying equipment.

- Powerful stainless steel body

- Capability to handle heavy-duty operations

- Higher control overheating and cooling through various heat and cooling levels

- Interior drying compartments made up of polyurethane insulation board

- Cost-effective and energy-efficient operations

- Simplified usage and ease of maintenance

- Exclusive focus on proving to be a sustainable drying solution

- Ability to dry varying quantities of meat of various types

- Appropriate heating to ensure the right degree of drying, without letting the meat lose its inherent quality

Applications of Our Commercial Meat Drying Equipment

We’ve been in the drying equipment manufacturing business for years. Our products stem from the extensive market and product research, and hence they are well designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our diverse clientele. As a result, we serve a range of clientele that includes,

- Companies from the food and beverage industry

- Retail sector such as food malls, larger food joints

- Hotels/ resorts/ restaurants, etc.

- Meat processing units

12 Reasons YKP Dryer is the Best Choice for Heat Pump Drying Equipment Manufacturing China

Over the years, we’ve evolved to become one of the leading heat pump drying equipment manufacturers in China. Our comprehensive range of drying equipment products, coupled with excellent quality and sustainability, make us the best commercial drying equipment manufacturer in China. However, precisely, here are 12 factors that give you a reason to choose us as your heat pump drying equipment manufacturer.

1. Remarkable product quality with a focus on sustainability

2. Extensively researched energy-efficient product designs for higher efficiency

3. A widespread base of distributors across China

4. World-class manufacturing technology and efficient workflows for maximum and high-quality output

5. Rigorous quality checks performed by an expert quality assurance team to ensure only the best reaches you

6. Value and result-driven manufacturing environment

7. Continuous development and evolution approach

8. Team of passionate and enthusiastic researchers, product designers and developers, and manufacturers

9. A visionary, experienced and qualified management team

10. Equipment ensuring cost-effective operations

11. Innovative product line and efficient production assembly

12. Employee skill development, to, in turn, provide excellent products and therefore happy customers!

Choose Us as your Partner!

We are one of the market leaders for meat drying equipment manufacturing in China. Partnering with us enables you access to the latest drying equipment and thus incredible results! So, why wait? Connect with us at 86-180 2234 9870, or write an email to us at, and we would be pleased to be your partners.

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