Mango Drying Equipment

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YKP mango drying equipment is the use of inverse Carnot principle, input a small amount of electric energy to absorb the heat in the air and convert it to the drying warehouse, to achieve the temperature of the dryer, with the corresponding dehumidification and dehumidification equipment to achieve the drying of materials.

Seafood drying process is very important, as the traditional technology of drying, sun dried, does not guarantee the colour and luster of seafood baked, difficult to control temperature, for food, so it is not health, high efficiency mango drying equipment, we produce seafood, investment operation cost is low, wide scope of application, mango drying equipment without someone unattended, full automatic control, Safe operation, cost saving, real high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent!



Drying purpose:

Mango dry taste sweet and sour, beneficial to the stomach, anti-vomiting, anti-halo and other effects, can help clear the stomach, appropriate consumption of vertigo, Meniere syndrome, hypertension dizziness, nausea and vomiting and other diseases have a certain easing effect. Dried mango is rich in cellulose. After consumption, it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote the function of the digestive system of the human body, help the stool, and have a certain effect on prevention. People with conditions can eat some dried mango in moderation to improve their symptoms. Dried mango is rich in vitamin A, so the right amount of food also has the role of eye protection.



Mango drying equipment design

We use 100mm polyurethane, which has excellent heat preservation effect and can be suitable for drying various materials. It is made of colored steel and stainless steel and can be customized.


Our mango drying equipment advantage:

Mango drying equipment efficient energy saving and environmental protection, drying uniform drying effect is good, there are professional cooperation institutions and r & D engineering team and after-sales team, high-quality raw material suppliers and electrical accessories, the cost of core components is relatively high, heat transfer and humidity is more stable, error is reduced.

Mango drying equipment process:

Mango Drying Equipment

Mango drying process

Dried mangoes are made from ripe fresh mangoes.First of all, meat hypertrophic to improve the yield, maturity to 8-9 is appropriate, ripe too low is the color and flavor of mango is poor, overripe is easy to rot.The manufacturing steps and drying techniques are as follows:

Step 1: Cleaning grading

The mangoes are washed one by one in a flowing water tank, further selected to remove unqualified fruits, and the mangoes are graded according to size, put into plastic baskets, and drained.

Step 2: Peel and slice

The core part accounts for about 50%, and the meat quality part only accounts for half, so how to improve the yield and reduce the cost is a very important problem.With a stainless steel knife to manually cut the skin, repair the spot scar, the surface is required to be trimmed smooth, no obvious water chestnut.Skin must be removed, because the skin contains more tannin, if not cut, in the process of processing is easy to produce brown, affect the color of the finished product.

The peeled fruit was sliced longitudinally with a sharp blade and the thickness was about 8-10mm.The stone of the residual pulp can be sent to the pulp for beating.

Step 3: Drying process and skills

Put the processed mango raw materials evenly on the drying shelf (the color protection treatment should be drained first), and put them into the heat pump mango dryer room to dry. The drying system consisting of two 12P hosts can handle 2.5 tons of fresh mango slices per batch, and it takes 30 hours to complete the batch drying, which is divided into five stages.

Set the first section at 55℃, heat up and dry for 3 hours. The second section is set at 60 ° C and begins to drain moisture. The third section is set at 62 ° C for continuous moisture removal. The fourth section is set to 58℃, and the temperature is cooled and the humidity is discharged. The last section is set at 55℃ for dehumidification and consolidation.


After the sales:

One year warranty, within one year after purchase, if there is any problem with the fruit dryer machine, the engineer can repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts for free, and the buyer will pay the freight. After the warranty period, if there is a failure of the machine, the engineer can still repair the machine through video guidance. If the parts are damaged, the seller can provide replacement parts at the factory price, and the buyer will pay the freight. In short, is one year warranty, lifetime maintenance, customers at any time there is any problem can directly contact the engineer to solve the problem.


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