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1. Focus: Guangzhou Yike is a professional Hardwood dryer machine supplier in energy saving and environmental protection drying equipment research and development and manufacturing of professional manufacturers, ten years of grinding a sword, only professional can do better drying.2. Professional talents: Hardwood dryer machine supplier has professional talents to do drying. From design, production, installation, after-sales, are engaged in this industry for many years of talent, most of them are learning related majors and have rich practical experience.


3. Professional supporting testing equipment, supporting performance testing laboratory, drying process laboratory, low temperature laboratory, physical laboratory, chemical laboratory, sludge laboratory.


4. Cooperation Institutions: Hardwood dryer machine supplier have also cooperated with Guangdong University of Technology, South China University of Technology, South China Agricultural University and some professional research institutions.


5. High-quality raw material suppliers: the suppliers are all international or domestic first-line brands. Such as Emerson, Schneider, Siemens


6. Mature drying process: years of drying process practical operation experience, thousands of drying cases, agricultural products, food, medicinal materials, aquatic products, tobacco leaves, tea, industrial products, sludge and so on have done a lot of successful cases


7. Diversification of product structure and function: Have split type dryer, monolithic dryers, one-piece -installation drying room, the function on a open type dryer, closed type dehumidifier, open loop combination drying and dehumidification machine and custom function models, a normal temperature drying units, low temperature jet enthalpy increasing drying units, with ultra high temperature outlet air temperature (> 80 ° C) combination drying unit, a single version of the drying unit, There are network drying unit, multi - line drying unit.


8. Professional design team: Hardwood dryer machine supplier according to customer or site needs to quickly design the best drying unit, put forward the most reasonable solution.


9. Professional installation engineers: engineers with many years of installation experience.


10. Satisfactory after-sales service: we have the most professional and the most patient after-sales engineers to provide 24-hour service all the year round. Your satisfaction is our motivation to move forward.

Hardwood dryer machine

Inspection of Hardwood dryer machine suppliers dryer

Before using the drying room, the drying room and equipment must be comprehensively and carefully checked to ensure the normal drying process, the specific inspection content is as follows:


1.Drying room, the focus is to check the insulation and air tightness of drying room.


2.The door, the door after long-term use, may be due to deformation, corrosion, sealing aging or compression device failure and other reasons for leakage, such as such cases, should be repaired in time.


3. The ground, the floor of the drying room should be kept clean and tidy, and the sundries should be cleaned in time after one cycle of drying.


4. For the ventilation system, check whether the fastening bolts are loose, whether the fan is running smoothly and freely, whether the clearance between the blade and the air collector is uniform, whether the motor and other parts of the bearing are worn, whether the grease is lost (lubricating grease should be added regularly, imported motor according to the manual), whether the cable is aging, etc.


5. For the heating system, after 15 minutes of hot water, check whether the heater is evenly heated, whether there is leakage in the whole system, and whether the circulating pump works normally.

6.Humidity control system, check whether the spray hole is smooth and uniform, inlet and exhaust switch heat, stop is flexible and reliable, close whether tight.


7.Instrument, check whether the water in the dry and wet bulb thermometer sink is clean, whether the gauze is clean and wet (in principle, should be replaced every dry cycle), regularly check the temperature sensor and moisture content sensor and instrument, check its sensitivity and reliability.

Dried hardwood

Formulation of drying process.

1. The wood drying process is determined according to the company's specific conditions, equipment type, dried tree species, wood stacking method, strip spacing, specifications, board use and drying quality requirements.


2. For the plates of common tree species with gas dry density of 0.3g/cm³ to 0.85g/cm³, the heating range is 45-75. For the tree species that are easy to crack, collapse and difficult to dry, the temperature should be lowered appropriately.


3. The adjustment of indoor temperature and humidity should be adjusted according to the water content, temperature, air humidity and the main technical parameters and wind speed of the drying room, combined with the performance of the layered water content of the plate, so as to prevent the formation of drying defects.


4. For new tree species that have not been dried, they can be dried with similar tree species drying process according to tree species attributes. In the drying process, they can be improved according to the actual situation, and a softer drying process can also be set to dry to ensure the drying quality.

Hardwood drying process


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