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Apricot is an important economic fruit tree species, is also one of the common fruits, nutrition is very rich, contains more sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, but also contains vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B. Apricot wood is hard and is good for furniture; Almond branches can be used as fuel; Apricot leaves can be used as fodder.

Apricot fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals. Every 100g flesh contains 10g sugar, 0.9g protein, 1.79 carotene, 0.02mg thiamine, 0.03mg riboflavin, 0.6mg niacin and 7mg vitamin. Almond contains about 23% protein, 50-60% fat and 45.8% oil, and is rich in phosphorus, calcium, potassium, iron and other nutrients needed by human body. It is an excellent tonic and an important raw material for food industry. Apricot fruit processing into almond, apricot, dried apricot and other food, in the domestic and foreign markets very popular, high economic benefits.

For a long time, mature fresh apricot besides a few go on the market to sell and partial farmer eat from oneself, make by the air of soil method by the farmer mostly dry, not only health condition and apricot dry quality are poorer, the loss of apricot is 15% to 30%. It is estimated that if it is the whole apricot dry, the traditional natural drying to dry 15 days to 20 days, and the heat pump drying system to dry only 3 days, and the use of hot air drying made of apricot dried than ordinary apricot prices increased on average 2 to 3 times, but also pulled the fresh apricot purchase price. Compared with the traditional dried apricot, the fruit drying machine Suppliers heat pump drying system is not only time-consuming and unattended, but also produces good quality and high price of dried apricot.


Apricot processing steps by fruit drying machine Suppliers dryer :

1. Determination of the suitable maturity of apricot harvesting:

The key to storage of apricots is to determine the appropriate maturity for harvesting. The maturity can be determined according to the development days of the fruit, the color change of the fruit, the texture of the skin and flesh, the aroma and flavor of the fruit and the firmness of the fruit. Used for storage of apricot should be in the fruit to reach the proper size of the variety, the fruit surface from green to yellow, to the sun to present the inherent color of the variety, the flesh is still hard, nutrients have accumulated fully, a little variety flavor, roughly 80% ripe harvest. Fruits for export are harvested at this time, allowing enough time for packing and transportation.


2. Processing process of dried apricots:

Selection of raw materials finishing fumigating drying packaging.

Selection and processing of raw materials: select thick, seedless, sweet, less fiber, strong aroma, orange pulp varieties, fully mature but not ripe fruit as raw materials. Remove the broken and unsuitable fruit of maturity, according to the size of the classification, wash, cut in half along the fruit suture line with a sharp knife, the cut should be smooth and neat, remove the core (some do not cut to remove the core, for the whole fruit with apricot kernel). After shred (for half fruit, remove pitted apricot), arrange the cut side of the fruit slices upward on a sieve tray, do not overlap.

Sulfur: the sieve plate containing apricot slices is sent to the sulfur room, sulfur fumigation for 3 ~ 4h. The amount of sulfur used is about 0.4% of the weight of the fresh fruit. The fruit surface is sprayed with 3% salt water before sulfur fumigation, which can prevent discoloration and save sulfur. The apricot fruit slice with good fumigate sulfur, its nuclear depression should be full of measure liquid, the finished product after drying can maintain bright-coloured golden yellow or orange red.

Fruit drying machine Supplier’s dryer drying: loading capacity 7 ~ 9kg/m~2; Initial temperature 50 ~ 55, final temperature 70 ~ 75; According to the 6P drying and dehumidification integrated host equipped with a 5.8m long, 3m wide and 2.2m high drying room, put 8 material trucks, each material truck 12 layers, each layer 1.2 square meters, can put 1000kg of fresh apricot pieces, drying time 18 ~ 20h, produce 200kg of apricot dry products, the system consumes 7 degrees per hour, the total power consumption of each batch 140 degrees. According to the calculation of 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour electricity, the cost of electricity is 0.35 yuan per kilogram of dried apricots, and the cost of electricity is 0.07 yuan per kilogram of fresh apricots. If the whole drying time of fresh apricots is long, it will take 70 hours.


The suitable amount of water for packing dried apricots is 16% ~ 18%, the drying rate is 5:1, the dry finished product is put in the wooden box back to soft 3 ~ 4d, the color is poor, dry enough and broken out (for reprocessing or other classification), can be packed.

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