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Fruit dryer

Why us?

Guangzhou Yike Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd with more than ten years of experience in the heat pump drying industry. We are the professional commercial fruit,vegetable, wood, seafood dryer supplier.  Professional R&D team developed and produced the high-temperature heat pump dryer d powerful: drying, enclosed dehumidification, four-effect heat recovery and dehumidification, cold drying, and separation Time period programming. 

Product Classification Description

Fruits taste the best and provide the best nutrition when they shed excess moisture and remain dry. In places such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, food and beverage units, etc., where fruits are used on a large scale, fruit drying equipment plays a significant role in retaining their quality, flavor, and nutritional value. At YKP, we are the leading mango drying equipment manufacturer that manufactures efficient commercial fruit dryer equipment.

Our fruit drying equipment features the latest industrial food drying technology. The machine can dry up to 100 to 120 kg of fruits, including mango and others, and help retain their quality. It comprises high-quality parts, components, and an external solid body that contributes to its durability. Besides, it ensures drying efficiency and thus proves a critical kitchen asset. So, if you want to buy commercial fruit dryer equipment, choose YKP Dryer!

YKP - Small Commercial Fruit Drying Machine 100KG to 120KG - Gray - 1600*1080*1288mm - YK - 72RD Product Specifications

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YKP - Small Commercial Fruit Drying Machine 100KG to 120KG - Gray - 1600*1080*1288mm - YK - 72RD Features

Our feature-rich fruit drying equipment incorporates the latest technology and is a product of extensive research and manufacturing capabilities. Besides, our continuous evolution approach enables us to include competitive features that include,

- Strong and durable exterior

- Efficient internal drying compartments

- Multiple heating and cooling levels for efficient drying results

- Drying capacity of 100 kg to 120 kg

- Energy-efficient operations for significant cost-savings in the long run

What are the various applications of our commercial fruit drying equipment?

Our commercial fruit drying equipment is used across multiple applications. As a result, we serve a diverse clientele that includes,

- Food and beverage production companies

- Hotels, resorts, restaurants

- Retail sector

12 Reasons that Make us the Best Mango Drying Equipment Manufacturer

We are a commercial fruit drying equipment manufacturer with a difference! We don’t just say it but support the fact with reasons that include the following. So, if you are wondering why to choose us as your fruit dryer equipment manufacturer, here are 12 good reasons for it.

1. High-tech heat pump drying infrastructure and production assemblies to support quantitative and qualitative output

2. Exclusive product designs that translate into efficient and highly productive drying machines

3. Incredible product quality with an emphasis on delivering value through the best drying technology

4. A team of qualified and dedicated R&D professionals, product designers, and manufacturing staff

5. A nationally recognized and competitive enthalpy difference laboratory

6. Quick order confirmations, processing, and delivery

7. A countrywide network of reputed distributors and a broad consumer base

8. An approach that puts customers first and at the center

9. Ethical business and safe manufacturing practices

10. Expert, prompt, and accurate technical support for efficient operations at all times

11. Continuous improvement and evolution

12. Evolved reputation and credibility across China’s heat pump drying equipment market.

Our experience, expertise, and top-quality products are here at your disposal. For more information or talk to our experts, connect with us at 86-180 2234 9870 or write an email to Our experts will be happy to answer your queries and to submit our proposal.


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