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Rose tea is a health beauty, rose bud warm, sweet taste. It is good for relieving depression, dispersing blood stasis, deswelling and relieving pain, beautifying and beautifying. It can clear summer heat, relieve polydipsia, awaken spleen and invigorate stomach, and stop bleeding and astringent. Especially for women with dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation and other gynecological symptoms has a magic effect. This paper briefly introduces the operation procedure and parameter setting of batch production of rose tea by air rose dryer, hoping to help the people in need.

Dried roses

Color protection treatment before drying with flower drying machine Manufacturers dryer: there are people in the industry in the peony flower before drying, color protection treatment, the specific implementation method can change the PH value in the flower material cell fluid, or high temperature deglazing, in order to increase the stability of pigment, and kill or passivate the enzyme activity in the material to carry out color protection treatment. The main methods are high temperature steam, microwave, hot ironing machine, etc.


Trays of roses. Layer the rose stamens into the material. With flower drying machine Manufacturers 6P drying dehumidification integral host with 25 cubic drying room as the standard model, a batch of times can be put into the flower stamens about 900kg. The whole drying room can be loaded into 8 materials, each material car is divided into 12-14 layers, layer spacing is about 8-12cm. The material truck shall use 304 stainless steel screens to avoid production pollution to the material.

Flower Drying MachineRose-drying-processRose-drying-process

Set baking parameters. Enter the main interface and click "User Settings" to enter the interface of setting drying parameters for partitions. Set 5 segments. The first stage of adjustment drying mode, this stage does not exhaust moisture. Dry for 1 hour. To enter the second stage, set the temperature to about 50 degrees and begin the dehumidification, removing the humidity to 40%. In the third stage, raise the temperature by 10 degrees and reduce the target humidity to about 30%. In the fourth stage, the temperature remains the same and the target humidity is lowered to 20%. In the fifth stage, the temperature can be lowered appropriately, and the target humidity can be lowered to 15%. Check the dryness of the rose.


Receiving flowers. When the roses were dried by flower drying machine Manufacturers dryer, the running program ends. The device will shut down automatically. Arrange workers to collect the dried roses after they cool down. Be careful not to pinch the flowers when receiving them.


Drying room and dryer design selection experience. About rose dryer and drying room matching. 3P dryer suitable for the size of about 15 cubic meters of drying room use, an average of about 3 degrees of electricity per hour; 6P dryer suitable for the size of about 25 cubic meters of drying room use, an average of about 6 degrees of electricity per hour; 10P dryer suitable for the size of about 40 cubic meters of drying room use, an average of about 12 degrees of electricity per hour; Rose drying with 6P drying dehumidification machine as an example, with 25 cubic drying room, a batch of 8 vehicles, can be put into the flower of about 750-900kg, time consuming 40 hours.


Artificial detection dry flower bud, as long as the bright color and have the sweet smell of roses special, bud is full hammer, how color is purple or red, receptacle and calyx yellowish green, with the hand twist bud powder flake, receptacle 70-80% of hand twist after broken fan shaped, says it has dried, drying car full of dry flower bud at this time you can launch a drying room.


Classification, packaging and storage of dry flower buds: dry flower buds out of the oven after classification, air to room temperature, gently put into non-toxic plastic bags, tie mouth seal, put into standard cartons, stored in the warehouse in line with the health standards, and keep the warehouse dry and ventilated.


Matters needing attention

The appearance of the rose is the selling price. In the drying process, we must pay attention to the humidification. If the humidification ability is not enough, we can consider installing a strong exhaust fan.


The wet and dry ratio of roses is about 4:1. When loading flowers, try not to exceed the recommended loading capacity, so as not to affect the flower shape and the appearance of dried flowers.


Rose, rose bud using flower drying machine Manufacturers dryer drying characteristics:

1. Flower drying machine Manufacturers dryer drying and drying energy saving, is the General Electric heating drying equipment energy consumption 1/3.

2.With constant adjustable drying temperature, self-circulation dehumidification function, dry water vapor can be eliminated in time.

3.Only electricity does not need other ancillary facilities.


Flower drying machine Manufacturers dryer:

Section timing humidity, section setting temperature, timing switch, energy saving and environmental protection


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