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heat pump dryer manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of heat pump drying machines.Add: Bldg 101, No.11-2, Songzhuang Road, Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou.We have been focusing on the heat pump drying machine industry for more than ten years. High quality and quality are our guidelines for manufacturing machines. We have independent export rights. We share the right to export to the United States, Vietnam, Africa and Indonesia. Deep cooperation.Guangzhou Yike Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development and application of heat pump drying technology.The company has over 10 years experience of the drying machine,Taking energy-saving and environental protection as the development direction of the enterprise, we are specialized R&D, manufacturing, selling and installing "YKP" heat pump dryers and reforming energy-saving and environmental protection protection projects to provide customers with professional and systematic drying solutions.

YKP”heat pump drying machine is high efficiency and saving energy drying equipment, heat pump drying device is the organic combination of heat pump and dryer, heat pump consumption of 100 parts of fuel can usually produce 140-800 parts of heat energy.

about us "YKP"

Company advantage

R & D team and supporting test equipment

The company has a first-class R & D team, production workshop and production equipment, supporting perfect management system, with a full range of testing facilities and advanced state-level simulation of the real home more than ten years of heat pump drying industry experience, high-tech research and development personnel and practical experience in combination,The high temperature heat pump dryer developed and produced has powerful functions: drying, closed dehumidification.

The company holds pioneering and innovative, diligent and enterprising, constantly improve and improve the quality of products, keep improving on products, careful service to customers, with integrity, focus, innovation, service, common source, contribution "as the concept;To maintain the ecological environment of the earth, to create a better living environment for the purpose.

Application of heat pump dryer

Covering a wide range of fields

YKPheat pump drying machine are widely used in the sludge industry sludge, the sludge and sewage sludge, hydrophobic spilt the dirt, sludge, etc.), wood drying king (notoginseng drying, drying of anise drying, chrysanthemum, rose flower drying, gastrodia elata drying, etc.), wood drying (drying of annatto, miscellaneous wood drying, hardwood drying, etc.), agricultural products (edible fungus baked qian, wang needed drying, dried bamboo shoot drying, etc.), food drying (sausage baking powder drying, drying of rice noodles, dried noodles, river, etc.), tea (black tea drying, drying of green tea, puer tea dry, etc.), the king of aquatic products (shrimp, fish, fish thousand, 16 dry, etc.), the Buddha (dry bamboo stick incense and joss stick, smoked bean curd, etc.), industry (rubber gloves to dry, gypsum drying, drying of printing, chrome drying, etc.), and other fields.

Cooperate with well-known brands

The core components of the equipment are well-known brands

The core component compressor of the equipment is Emerson Valley Wheel compressor, and the electrical parts are Schneider brand. Our company's cooperation with these two brands can guarantee the stable output and high quality of our equipment, so as to form the competitive advantage of our brand equipment

Have own factory

Factory advantage

We have our own factory, with one-stop service, can be customized according to customer requirements, accept customer visits to the factory, can assist customer's material drying test


Customer service

After the sales

Before arrival of machine:

Inquiry and consulting support within 24 hours

Sample testing support

View our factory


After deliver the machine:

Technical support to instal,operate and maintain the machine

Engineers available to service machinery overeas.

Get to kown our dryer

YKP heat pump dryer

YKP heat pump dryer operates according to a basic reverse Carnot cycle. The working fluid (refrigerant) at low pressure is vaporized in the evaporator by heat drawn from the dryer exhaust air. The compressor raises the enthalpy of the working fluid of the heat pump and discharges it as superheated vapor at high-pressure. Heat is removed from the working fluid is then throttled to the low-process line (using an expansion valve) and enters the evaporator to complete the cycle.

Dryer selling point

Bright spot

The heat pump dryer can operate 24 hours a day, but instead of releasing waste heat into the air, it condenses internally as water and is drained out of the pipe 

YKPheat pump dryer feature

Energy saving and environmental protection equipment

Safety & Environment protectionThe low-temperture drying process below 80°c is fully suitable for drying.It adopts low temperture 40-80°cfully enclosed drying mode ,no odor overlow ,no need to install complex deodorizing device.

Energy saving & Efficient: Using heat pump recoery technology, the closed drying mode dose not have any waste heat discharge.

Intelligent & Operating easily: Fully automatic operation, PLC+touch screen intelligent control,which temperature and humidity can be controlled in different time.

The drying effect is good and the drying is even: the finished product after drying is very good in color, fragrance, taste and individual shape; high effective ingredients.


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