A Look At Commercial Vegetable Dryers

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The commercial vegetable dryer is a device that removes material moisture. It does this at a temperature that does not affect the texture & colour of the food.

Compared to smaller hot air-drying machines, vegetable dryer machine manufacturers like YKP produce dryers that are suitable for large scale material drying production. This device usually features an axial flow fan and an automatic constant temperature control system.

Various dryers are used to dry substances that can withstand temperatures of 20-80 degrees Celsius during the dewatering process. These substances include wood, grain, seed, edible mushrooms, medicines, seafood bacon, fruits & vegetables, tobacco leaf, paper, incense and more.

Characteristics of Commercia Vegetable dryer

Energy is saved, as most of the hot air is efficiently circulated in a commercial vegetable dryer. The adjustable distribution plates inside, combined with the ventilation function, results in uniformly dried materials.  Make sure there is sufficient space between the items on the trays to ensure uniform heat distribution.

Pay attention to the temperature because…

-If the temperature is too low in the beginning, micro-organisms may survive before the food is adequately dried

-If the temperature is too high and the humidity is low, the food surface may harden. This makes it difficult for the moisture to escape & the food does not dry properly.

Hot Dryer Advantages - Food

As the hot air is circulated in a commercial vegetable dryer, it improves the heat efficiency and saves energy. The thermal efficiency can reach upwards of 70% in these machines.

An air divider plate is installed so that the material can be dried evenly. Drying trays are usually made from stainless steel. This makes them easy to move, convenient to clean and durable. The main fan has high temperature resistance and low noise.

Electric heating is recommended, as opposed to steaming, due to convenience and better security. The application is wide and includes drying and dewatering vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, herbs and even pigments. They can be used to determine the moisture level of edible goods.

Commercial Vegetable Dryer - Food & Nutritional value

Calories are concentrated into smaller amounts. Moisture is removed but the calorie content does not change. There is no observable change in fiber content either. Under controlled heating methods, Vitamin A is fairly well retained. Vitamin C on the other hand, is reduced in content. Iron may not be destroyed by drying, but other minerals may be lost.

Other Applications of Industrial Dryers

These ovens are used in the electronics sector to dry electrical objects such as circuit boards and electronic chips, as well as to degas epoxy resins. They're extremely useful in the food and beverage industries for dehydrating and sterilising products prior to packaging.

In the pharmaceutical and medicinal industries, drying ovens are used for sterilisation and incubation of various preparations/ samples. These ovens are utilised for sample preparation and temperature grading in the research and development sector. For the ageing of plastics, industrial dryers are extremely important.

These industrial drying devices are used in the hospitality business to dry/warm blankets and, in some situations, tableware. During the manufacturing process, these ovens can effectively handle dry coatings, adhesives, and moisture content in various parts of machinery. Conveyor drying ovens are used to dry the insides of conveyors.


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