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We are a manufacturer of oak drying machines. Add: Bldg 101, No.11-2, Songzhuang Road, Xinhua Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou. We have been focusing on the heat pump drying machine industry for more than ten years. High quality and quality are our guidelines for manufacturing machines. We have independent export rights. We share the right to export to the United States, Vietnam, Africa and Indonesia in deeply cooperation.



About OAK Wood Drying Machine

Working principle of wood dryer

YKP oak wood drying machine air energy system used the reverse Carnot principle to absorb the free heat from the air and transfer it to the drying room (input of 1 degrees of electric energy can produce 4 degrees of electric energy). The temperature of the drying room is increasing, and the corresponding dehumidification and moisture removal equipment is used to achieve drying of the material.


The disadvantages of traditional natural drying are obvious, the drying time is slow, and the natural drying in the shade will be accidentally infected by fungi, causing wood mildew and causing greater economic losses. YILINUO oak wood dryer can dry all kinds of wood species, various specifications, and various purposes. It has the characteristics of simple operation, energy saving and power saving, safe and reliable, short drying cycle, good drying quality, and low drying cost. It is widely used in large, medium and small wood processing enterprises. YILINUO air-energy heat pump wood dryer, with temperature and humidity adjustment function, hot and humid air evenly passes through all parts of the wood pile, so that the moisture content of the dried wood is uniform, and the wood is prevented from cracking and deforming; the drying quality is good.


The "YKP" oak wood drying machine is composed of a compressor, condenser, throttling device, evaporator and other devices to form a refrigerant cycle system.

The equipment core components:

The compressor: Adopts Emerson Copeland compressor to provide more heat. 

Heat exchanger (condenser, evaporator): The heat exchanger is the core component that most affects the drying effect, and it is also the core place where manufacturers try their best to cut corners. The copper tube of our heat exchanger is 3 times the heat pump standard, 1.5 times of the peer.

The electrical accessories: Adopts Schneider Electric accessories to make the quality replacement more stable. 

The control system: Adopts the best drying controller in the industry with complete functions, stable quality.

Heat recovery device: Extra-large heat exchange core, anti-corrosion setting, energy-saving and power-saving.


The "YKP" oak drying machine have many advantages

Energy saving: The drying operation cost is only 40% of the fuel dryer, 60% of the coal dryer and 30% of the electric heating equipment, which is more than 60% energy-saving than ordinary drying equipment, and the investment cost is recovered quickly.

Even drying and good drying effect: The YKP oak drying machine, with temperature and humidity adjustment function, hot and humid air evenly passes through all parts of the wood pile, so that the moisture content of the dried wood is uniform, and the wood is prevented from cracking and deforming; the drying quality is good, Good stability after drying.

Remote control by mobile phone: Intelligent operation, stable system, open the phone anytime and anywhere, easy to grasp the drying situation.

The equipment is durable: it can be used for 15 years under normal conditions, and one investment can produce long-term benefits.

The machine can be anticorrosive: Oak is corrosive, and the dehumidification system of the drying machine can be made into a nano anticorrosive material.



Case Study

Packing detailed parameters

Here dried with eight steps: First step with 40℃ and 6 hours. Second step with 50℃ and 6 hours. Third step with 60℃ and 6 hours. Fourth step with 65℃ and 6 hours. From fifth step to eighth step are all with 65℃ and 12 hours. From first step to fourth step are all dry with drying model which is ordered to raise temperature of the wood, the humidity setting of the drying room are all 65% from fifth step to eighth step are all dry with dry Moisture model which is ordered to keep the moisture away from the wood, the humidity setting of the drying room are all 65%.



Oak Wood Drying Machine Process Steps:

Stacking of oak boards:

Selection of spacers: use 25mm*25mm spacers for plates with a thickness of less than 40mm, and 35mm*35mm spacers for panels with a thickness of more than 50mm. When arranging the boards, the spacers should be kept flush with the two ends of the board, and the upper and lower spacers should be kept vertical to prevent the end of the board from losing moisture too quickly and uneven shrinkage leading to end cracks. The upper and lower spacers are kept vertical to prevent the board from being balanced by gravity and prevent warping. For plates of different thicknesses, try to keep the same layer as the same thickness plate when arranging the plates to avoid the drying deformation of the thinner plates caused by the plates of different thicknesses on the same layer, and to ensure the stability during stacking.


When putting oak wood into the baking room:

For the same tree species with different moisture content and different thickness, it should be avoided to dry in the same barn. When stacking, ensure that the stack is stable and vertical to prevent tilting and collapse. Adjacent stacks should ensure that the same level is straight, and the circulating air flow can smoothly pass through the gap between the plates, which is conducive to heat and moisture exchange. When stacking, the concrete block should be placed at the top of the stack to prevent the surface layer of the stack from deforming. When there is no concrete block, 2-3 layers of poor-quality plates can be placed on the top of the stack instead. The selection of moisture content measurement points must ensure that the test plate can represent the moisture content of the entire baking barn. Generally, the highest moisture content plate is used as the test plate, and it is placed about 1 meter from the ground.


Oak wood drying processing:

The formulation of the wood drying process refers to the determination according to the company's specific conditions, equipment type, tree species to be dried, wood stacking method, spacer spacing, specifications, board usage and drying quality requirements. For common tree species with air-dry density of 0.3g/cm³-0.85g/cm³, the temperature rise range is 45℃-75℃. For tree species that are prone to cracking, collapse, and difficult to dry, the temperature should be appropriately lowered. The indoor temperature and humidity should be adjusted according to the moisture content, temperature, air humidity, main technical parameters and wind speed of the drying room at the time of the board, combined with the performance of the layered moisture content of the board, to prevent the formation of drying defects. For new tree species that have not been dried, a relatively similar tree species drying process can be used for drying according to the properties of the tree species. During the drying process, improvements can be made according to the actual situation, or a softer drying process can be set for drying. , To ensure the drying quality.


When oak wood is dried:

The adjustment of indoor temperature and air humidity should refer to the requirements of the drying process. The operator should strictly follow the requirements of the drying process. Severe heating and cooling will generate thermal stress inside the wood, which will cause cracks and cracks in the wood. Defective phenomena such as deformation.


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