Wood Dryer Machines – An Overview

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People all throughout the world utilise wood for a variety of purposes, including house construction, hardwood flooring, fuel and energy, and so on. However, before putting the wood to any use, it is best to dry out it out.

Wet or green wood, according to Industrial Engineers & hardwood dryer machine suppliers, cannot be used in most situations - whether it's a campfire, woodworking, or building a house. When damp wood is used to construct house frames, floors, or anything else, it can easily split, distort, or shrink in physical dimensions, posing much difficulty.

Wood Dryer Machines are used to dry wood – a process commonly known as seasoning lumber or wood seasoning. Moisture is present in the wood when it is cut for use. The technique of drying wood is used to lower the moisture content of the wood.

Let's take a look at why wood drier machines are so crucial in the forest and wood industries.

The Reason Why Wood Contain Water

Water is present in every component of a tree, including the leaves, stem, and roots, and it is an essential component of the photosynthetic process. As a result, when wood is gathered by chopping trees, it naturally contains a large amount of water, which is referred to as moisture content.

Moisture content is estimated by dividing the amount of water in the wood by the weight of the dry wood. The moisture content of wood varies depending on the species.

Once processed through a wood dryer, the wood is ready for use. However, keep in mind that it retains its ability to absorb water or moisture in the surroundings. As a result, it shrinks or grows in size throughout the rainy season or whenever there is humidity in the atmosphere.

Methods Of Wood Drying

The 2 methods of wood drying are:

1.       Kiln Drying

In this process the wood is transported to the mills and is dried out using kilns. A kiln is a thermally insulated chamber that is heated to a certain temperature to carry out various processes such as heating, drying, or chemical changes. And the finished product is referred to as Kiln Dried Lumber.

The wood kiln drying process is carried out in accordance with the species and dimensions of the lumber. This is important to guarantee that the moisture content is consistent throughout the lot.

2.       Air Drying

The air drying procedure is less complicated than the wood kiln drying process - the wood is simply exposed to air to dry. The most important part of this process is stacking wood in a cool, clean, dry, and shady location.

Benefits Of Using Wood Dryers

Firstly, the traditional method of sun drying is time consuming & cumbersome. Wood dryers serve as a far superior alternative. Wood dryers improves the strength of timber. It also improves its resistance to fungal infections. Wood, after being processed in a wood dryer, is resistant to mold, blue stain, cracks, and checks. Wood dryers also make it easier for the wood to be to machined and glued

Wood drying makes the timber more durable. In wooden furniture manufacturing, dried wood enhances the finish, and can be easily subjected to varnishing, paint and other treatment. The heat treatment of wood improves its fuel efficiency. As a result, dried wood makes the ideal campfire wood or fuel wood.

Kiln dried wood requires less attention, burns longer, and generates more energy than wet or green wood. It is also easy to light and burns better. Dried wood is more versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including open fires, cookers, wood burners, and so on.

In Closing

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